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‘Hot Spots’ Wants to Excite TV Network or Syndicator By Kathy Tyre

LOS ANGELES – Hath he no fear of ‘zapping?’

Jim Dauphinee, production executive with Post-Newsweek Stations/N.Y., was in town last week shopping a weekly Entertainment Tonight-style show devoted to television commercials to syndicators and network executives. The fact that the TV networks have each aired their own specials devoted to commercials such as last week’s ABC show, TV’s Funniest Commercials, and entertainment news magazines frequently air segments on the subject, was proof for Dauphinee and partner Pamela Maythenyi that the public can be interested in watching an entire show about them each week.
‘When Letterman embarrasses Jeff Daniels with a Head & Shoulders spot from 10 years ago, that’s entertainment,’ said Maythenyi, a former J. Walter Thompson/N.Y. executive producer who now runs The Source, a Miami-based television commercial database service.
The show – titled Hot Spots – received positive response from programmers during informal showings at NATPE, the National Association of Television Programming Executives’ convention held in San Francisco two weeks ago.
That success encouraged Dauphinee to continue his discussions in L.A.
Post-Newsweek hopes a network or syndicator will buy the show by September.
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