‘honk If You Love Advertising’

Asher/Gould Advertising’s hip anti-smoking campaign for the California Department of Health Services–including a famous billboard ad in which one cowboy confesses to the other, “Bob, I’ve got emphysema”–has attracted a lot of attention.
So how did the 37-year-old shop announce its name change to Asher & Partners to the public at large? With billboards, of course.
The outdoor boards, placed around the Los Angeles area, read, “See any billboards you like? We did ’em.” Below are the agency’s name and Web site address. Other billboards read, “Honk if you love advertising! (Aw, c’mon, just a little beep)” and “Advertising–It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.”
In addition to the name change, the shop has made president Joel Hochberg and director of strategic planning Barry Schoenfeld agency partners.
Shop co-founder Morley Gould, who opened the agency with chairman and chief executive officer Hal Asher, left in 1994 to start his own agency, Gould Advertising.
–Teresa Buyikian