Honey Dew Stresses ‘Local Flavor’

BOSTON Honey Dew Donuts emphasizes its friendly service, especially for harried morning commuters, in a radio and outdoor campaign from Allen & Gerritsen that extends the chain’s “Enjoy the local flavor” tagline.

In a radio spot, a woman on her way to work simply can’t get any breakfast satisfaction. She’s clearly ordered a plain doughnut, but her server insists on giving her chocolate instead. “Pleeeease,” she pleads, “can’t you just give me a plain doughnut?” There’s a smirk in the server’s voice as he replies, not for the first time: “How about a chocolate doughnut?” A voiceover says: “Going through the drive-thru at that huge chain can ruin your morning. We do everything we can to make sure your order is correct and served with a smile.”

An outdoor execution contrasts mini-doughnuts sold by rival chains (making them look small and unappealing) with Honey Dew’s full-size doughnuts and coffee, which are rendered as large and colorful in comparison.

Radio and billboards are being counted on “to reach commuters, in their cars, during the prime coffee and doughnuts sales period of 5 a.m. to 10 a.m.,” said Andrew Graff, president of A&G, an independent agency in Watertown, Mass.

Annual client spending is estimated at $1-2 million.