Honda “This Unpredictable Life”

Wieden + Kennedy and Nexus directing duo Smith & Foulkes, the team behind the 2005 award-show sweeper “Grrr” for Honda, are back with another lush animated production for the carmaker, this time a one-minute study about the journey of life, also narrated by Garrison Keillor. “This unpredictable life,” created by the agency’s London office, follows a baby through its flight of life in a fantastical, colorful setting that keeps the twists and turns of the boy’s story in the clouds. “We can’t predict everything life will throw at us, so isn’t it useful that somebody has?” Keillor asks, as the family and all the stuff that gets packed into a car on an average day, even the pet dog, one by one slide into the roomy vehicle as it pieces together to form the final Honda Jazz. No catchy sing-a-long in this one, but the storybook-style animation choreographed to the rhythmic copy delivered in Keillor’s baritone effortlessly keeps eyes and ears pleasantly in step with the story and even the product attributes in the final sell.–Eleftheria Parpis