Hometown Feeling

TBWA Chiat/Day’s new print campaign for The Glenlivet Scotch whisky was truly a grass-roots effort.
The ads were shot in the town where the Seagram Americas’ brand is distilled–Glenlivet, Scotland–and feature natives who work at the distillery and their relatives.
One ad (shown here) shows a frowning man in a kilt, blazer and tie on the front steps of a business. “Do we look influenced by trends?” the copy reads. Another shows two white-haired gents side-by-side at the end of a table, one gripping a glass of whisky. The copy: “The English told us we could only serve The Glenlivet in tiny, 25-milliliter portions. We think you know how we feel about the English.”
Five ads break in October issues of GQ, Esquire and Us, among others, and more are planned. The tagline: “One place. One whisky.”
The last campaign, tagged “Once discovered, always treasured,” illustrated consumers’ devotion to the brand. The Glenlivet is No. 1 in its category with 31 percent of the U.S. market, per Adams Liquor Handbook. –Andrew McMains