Homeland Is ‘Working Harder’

Returning to television for the first time in several years, Homeland Stores of Oklahoma City is ready to launch a series of 15-second spots in its home state markets via Littlefield Marketing & Advertising of Tulsa, Okla.
Branding itself under the tag, “Working harder to be a better place to shop,” Homeland will begin airing the campaign next week following its appraisal this week from store managers.
“We addressed three areas we wanted to concentrate on” in the campaign, said client ad manager Bill Sammons. “We want to be seen as faster, friendlier and fresher.”
In “Eight Seconds,” a clerk quickly fills a grocery bag while a narrator calls the play-by-play of a bronc-buster’s eight-second ride at a rodeo. Another commercial, “Practice,” features another clerk rehearsing his customer greetings in a back room before work: “Hi. Hey there. Need some help? Let me give you a hand.”
The third TV execution, “Salon,” has a woman supposedly primping an off-camera beauty parlor customer, with the promise of a “clear, cleansing spritz.” Panning to a wide shot, the woman is actually rinsing a head of lettuce. “Your color looks great,” she exclaims.
Each spot will be accompanied by varying 15-second product messages.
Billings for the account, split between Littlefield and Dallas database company Ivie & Associates, are estimated at $1 million annually.