Home / Work Podcast: Reshaping the Modern Power Couple with Carla and Tariq Hassan

Listen to the premiere episode of the first marketing podcast that isn't about marketing

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The world is filled with marketing podcasts where CMOs talk about marketing, but the new generation of leaders is looking to find guidance on how to deal with work and life priorities. Hosted by AMA Marketing Hall of fame inductee Antonio Lucio, Home / Work is where we discuss the good, bad, ugly and extraordinary challenges of integrating work and life with some of our industry’s most interesting people.

On the premiere episode of Home / Work, Antonio Lucio sits down with Carla Hassan, chief marketing officer at JPMorgan Chase, and Tariq Hassan, chief marketing and digital customer experience officer at McDonald’s to discuss balancing two incredible careers while raising a family, what they learned while raising a family during the pandemic and why they don’t consider themselves a “power couple.” They also share what they believe corporations can do in order to ensure that different families actually are able to live within the work-life integration they individually need.

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