Hog Heaven In Big D

Dallas is the destination for a motorcycle pledge drive engineered by agency Devine & Pearson.
Working on a pro bono basis, the Quincy, Mass., shop has crafted “Hospitality Hogs” to support Foodchain. The Kansas City, Mo.-based network of hunger-relief programs redistributes surplus food from restaurants and grocery stores to the needy.
More than 30 food industry executives–including McDonald’s vice president Bill Hallett and Peter Nordell, Edlund Co.’s vice president of global sales–plan to ride their cycles thousands of miles next month to raise more than $25,000 for the charity.
Teams will leave Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Boston and Los Angeles on Sept. 24, arriving Sept. 27 in Dallas for the North American Food Equipment Manufacturers expo. (The trip measures about 1,500 miles from New England, Florida and California.) Pledges of 10-20 cents per mile are requested.
To promote the effort, Devine & Pearson created a trade ad with the headline, “We’ll do anything for food.” –David Gianatasio