Hoffman/Lewis Looks to Score Points With Kids

Joe Montana, Willie Mays and Olympic figure skater Peggy Fleming cajole kids in the Bay Area to get out and start playing more sports in a breaking campaign from Hoffman/Lewis.

The new work for the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame features two print ads, two radio spots and direct-mail ads. Spending was not disclosed.

Creative director Sharon Krinsky said the campaign, set to break next week, was created after an Institute for Athletics and Education study showed a drop in the number of youngsters playing organized sports.

“The Hall is around to honor sports heroes, but we also want to help kids,” Krinsky said.

The star athletes appear in a direct-mail piece that will be sent to homes in the Bay Area. The ad features photos of young children next to pictures of the athletes. The copy reads, “Kids need sports. We need you.”

One print ad shows a girl with pigtails clutching a basketball. Text reads: “Girls who play sports are 80% less likely to have a teen pregnancy.” The ad encourages people to support youth sports and plugs the organization’s Web site, bashof.org.

Another print execution features several kids playing in a field. Text reads: “Kids who play sports get better grades.”

“We didn’t think it would motivate people if we just showed celebrities. We had to say this helps people,” Krinsky said.

The campaign also includes “Me and Joe,” a radio spot featuring Montana and a boy named Timmy discussing the Hall of Fame and how it has helped local children.

Founded in 1979, the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame provides educational and sports resources to underprivileged children, in addition to honoring local sports heroes.

Hoffman/Lewis also works with Northern California Toyota dealers, McDonald’s, Bank of the West and Horizon Organic Dairy. The agency has billings of roughly $85 million.