WestWayne will begetting out the vote.

The Ad Council has chosen the Atlanta shop to create a campaign for the Federal Voting Assistance Program that will encourage 18-24-year-olds to vote.

FVAP advertising typically appears during presidential election years, but the program has been extended, said agency president Jeff Johnson.

“This demographic has always been the least likely group to vote,” he said. “They feel more disenfranchised, they’re not paying high taxes and they haven’t yet seen the impact of elected officials ontheir lives.”

Television, radio, print and Internet ads will break this summer.

“We’ve learned that this generation lives in a bubble,” said an agency staffer. “They don’t reject voting. They think it’s important, but they have no idea of the personal value it holds.”

The Ad Council has secured $40 millionin media support for the campaign, Johnson said.

“They look very carefully at the agencies,” he said. “If we don’t do great work, the media outlets will be extremely unhappy.”