Hill, Holliday Fashions Relaunch Ads for HotBot

NEW YORK Terra Lycos is preparing to relaunch its HotBot search engine with a print and online campaign from Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos in Boston.

The effort introduces “More search. More engine” as a tagline. The goal is to promote several new features of the portal to an expanded target audience that includes not only tech-savvy young males, but all Internet users, according to Steve Fund, vp, advertising and promotions at Terra Lycos.

Media expenditures were not disclosed, but Barcelona, Spain-based parent Terra Lycos, domestically headquartered in Waltham, Mass., spends about $20 million annually on ads, according to CMR.

The text-based HotBot campaign trumpets the introduction of the client’s Search4 computer platform. One ad reads, “Four search engines. One search box” to convey HotBot’s support for the Google, Fast, Inktomi and Teoma systems-all from HotBot.com. Ads also communicate that the revamped HotBot allows users to customize search options by language, region, date and other filters.

Online executions break this week, mainly on news and gaming sites. The online buy includes cnn.com, nytimes.com, msnbc.com, ebay.com, gamespy.com and tech-republic.com.

For more on this campaign, see Kristen Rountree’s full report on p. 4 of this week’s New England edition of Adweek or visit Adweek Online.