Hill Of Beans

Convincing consumers to use a new form of currency may sound like a daunting task. After all, it took years for most of Europe to adopt the Euro. It may be even more difficult if the new currency in question resembles a bean.
But Gad Romann thinks it can work. His agency, The Romann Group, has been assigned the task of increasing consumer awareness of Beenz.com, which calls itself “the Web’s currency.” Romann is the first ad agency for the fledgling firm.
According to the company’s Web site, Beenz are traded between businesses and consumers over the Internet as if they were money.
An e-commerce site looking to increase traffic might offer consumers a certain amount of “beenz” in exchange for an e-mail address, for example. The “beenz” can them be used to purchase products on participating sites.
The Romann Group is prepping a print and outdoor campaign, backed by $5 million, to roll out in May. Romann said the agency may also use a guerrilla marketing campaign that employs human “beenz.” -Justin Dini