‘High Five’ Helps Lottery Site

BOSTON Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos said it has redesigned the Web site of the Massachusetts State Lottery. The new site (www.masslottery.com) goes live today.

According to the Interpublic Group-owned agency here, the site attempts to communicate that the games are not only fun to play, but that thousands of potential winners purchase tickets every day.

A live ticker display on the opening page keeps an updated tabulation of the most current number of winners. Last year, the lottery awarded an average of $9 million in prizes per day to players—the highest payout of any lottery in the nation.

“The online executions also complement the offline marketing efforts, such as the ‘High Five Helper’ TV commercial, giving them new life in a new environment,” said Kevin Redmond, vice president and director of Hill, Holliday Interactive.

The new site includes an online interactive game called High Five Helper, which is also the title of a recent lottery TV ad from the Boston agency. The game is a direct link to that spot.

—Adweek staff report