Hey, Let’s Watch Some PC

Though TV sets are still the medium for the vast majority of Americans’ consumption of video content, personal computers are taking an increasing share. A new study by Ipsos MediaCT finds 70 percent of all video content in the U.S. is watched on a TV screen, down from 75 percent a year ago. Nineteen percent is now watched via a PC, up sharply from last year’s 11 percent.

The same study finds adults displaying little enthusiasm so far for viewing video content on “other, more portable video devices such as portable DVD players, digital media players and mobile phones.” Such viewing, says the report, remains “a niche activity for most adult digital video users — many of whom have invested in outfitting their living rooms with HDTVs and subscribe to cable or satellite television.”

Only among 12-17-year-olds does viewing on all mobile devices add up to a double-digit percentage of total consumption of video content. And, as the report adds, “what’s not known is whether their greater reliance on portable video devices is simply a life stage trend these younger digital video users will outgrow as they age.” Anyhow, TV sets still account for the majority (55 percent) of video-content viewing by this age bracket.