Here’s Jerry!

The cast of Seinfeld was sent to jail for “criminal indifference” in the sitcom’s much-ballyhooed final episode. But it was an appeal to the heart that enabled Apple Computer to land Jerry Seinfeld for a “Think different” spot–the only ad during the broadcast to feature the comedian.
Seinfeld had turned down scores of clients, including Apple, that were keen on having him appear in their ads during the finale. But the comedian changed his mind after TBWA Chiat/Day chairman and chief creative officer Lee Clow sent him a special version of the agency’s first “Think different” spot for Apple.
The spot featured a clip of Seinfeld’s first appearance on The Tonight Show in 1981. Found by agency executive producer Jennifer Golub, the footage documents a moment Seinfeld acknowledges was a turning point in his life.
Seinfeld approved the spot, and it aired just before the final credits.
“We wanted to honor Jerry Seinfeld for his contributions to the world of comedy,” said Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. –Michael McCarth