The latest high-tech chip has been developedin Cincinnati, not

Silicon Valley.

Torengos, a brandof Procter & Gamble, has designed a triangular-shaped tortilla chip with a curved cargo bay that promises to clean up the often messy world of salsa-dipping.

The Torengos snack, introduced this month in “a resealable, triangular canister,” is a response to research that turned up a list of consumer complaints brought against the crumbly, low-tech, white corn chips that have been around since Montezuma’s day:”too messy to dip … often broken before the package is opened … just doesn’t hold enough dip.”

With sales of tortilla chips growing more than twice as fast as potato chips, and seven out of 10 consumers unhappy with current product shortcomings, P&G brand managers are betting they have developed the perfect marketing platform.

D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles in New York handes advertising for Torengos.