Heneghans Back With Elevation

Giant Step founders Eric and Adam Heneghan are venturing back into interactive marketing with Elevation Inc. The brothers say the collapse of the Internet boom does not spell its death.

“We didn’t see any of our clients cut any of their [Internet] business,” said Eric Hene ghan, CEO of the new Chicago shop. “We’ve seen increased spending from blue-chip clients.”

The shop opened its doors last week with a small client list that Heneghan declined to identify. While the agency will provide Internet marketing, Elevation’s overall mission is more broadly based and will include providing customer service and setting up transaction processes.

“It’s not just putting up some pretty pictures and hoping for a response,” Heneghan said. “We’re starting to see more savvy clients who understand that.”

The brothers founded Giant Step in the mid-’90s in Iowa, and sold their shop to Leo Burnett three years later. They left the shop in January in what was called a “mu tual” decision. Giant Step was folded into Bcom3 sister company Novo in October.

Heneghan said there were “pros and cons” to working under the Leo Burnett/Bcom3 umbrella. The most significant advantage was to work for large companies, such as General Motors, Maytag and Philip Morris, he said.

“You couldn’t have asked for a better place to partner if you wanted to work on blue-chip accounts,” Hene ghan said. The brothers plan to leverage that experience to win other top clients for Elevation, he said.