Heineken’s New Twitter-Based Service Helps Users Choose Their Next Adventure

Brand's @wherenext service helps users find their city's hot spots

Heineken's new @wherenext Twitter-based service helps users combat the fear of missing out and discover their city's hot spots.

To use the service, consumers simply tweet @wherenext and geo-tag their location to receieve recommendations for trending restaurants, events or clubs in their area. The social tool "pulls data from a variety of social media channels and analyzes it to determine which locations are trending," reports PSFK.

The social tool evolved as an extension of Heineken's recent "Cities of the World" campaign, while also attempting to assuage the anxiety, caused by social media, of missing out on the action. Interestingly, the tool is catered to the "social currency" of a given city, reflecting each city's personality through curated local posts and photos. For example, according to PSFK, "New Yorkers see 'making it' as the ultimate achievement, while London urbanites tend to value personal development," and @wherenext will reflect those differences for users in the two cities.

While the advertising world is littered with half-baked "social extensions" that offer little to entice customers, @wherenext takes the theme of Heineken's "Cities of the World" campaign and extends it into the real world. Perhaps more importantly, it offers users a valuable, brand-relevant tool that they can integrate into their social lives.

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