Heineken Posters Boast ‘Retro’ Effect

NEW YORK StrawberryFrog aims to bring back the art of poster advertising in a flight of ads for Heineken’s global “Meet you there” campaign.

The ads, which break at the end of this month, were conceived as giant illustrations for the sides of buildings, reminiscent of 19th century beer advertising.

“We wanted to bring the beer campaign back to that time when advertising was an incredibly cultural thing,” said Scott Goodson, CEO and CCO at StrawberryFrog in New York, which worked with the agency’s Amsterdam, the Netherlands, office on the effort. “Also, today it’s distinguishing to be using illustrations.”

The ads (made available to Heineken marketing partners in 150 countries) can be run as print or outdoor executions and will also be sold by Heineken. Each poster centers on the theme of “social cocktails,” and communicates how Heineken can be one ingredient for having the night of your life, said Goodson.

To make a “Cape Town Sundown,” for example, mix three DJs, two bars, 200 people and Heineken on ice. The suggestion is shown below an illustration that depicts a golden pint of beer rising above a seaside mountain range. To concoct a “Between the Sheets,” combine one holiday girl, a sightseeing tour and two Heinekens. That recipe is paired with a saucy illustration of a nude redhead luxuriating in the foam atop a pint of Heineken.

This first set of nine posters will roll out through the end of May. The agency wants to create a series that will include other illustrators and eventually enter the digital space, Goodson said.

While the posters will likely not be seen in the United States, Americans will see the agency’s James Bond promotion for Heineken, which launches in advance of Casino Royale‘s release.