Heineken Heeds All Hispanic Sectors

NEW YORK The Vidal Partnership has created a new campaign for Heineken USA targeting the Hispanic market that aims to be more inclusive of diverse ethnic groups among that consumer base, the client said.

The campaign, tagged “Ya sabe,” or “Now, you know,” uses a new strategy of speaking to consumers who are knowledgeable about beer, those who have “graduated” to Heineken.

Marime Riancho, brand manager for Hispanic markets for the White Plains, N.Y.-based client, said company research showed that Hispanics drink twice as much Heineken as African American and general-market Heineken consumers. The strategy seeks to validate those consumers’ taste in premium beers. It is also subtly inclusive of the Mexican beer drinker Riancho said, in that it invites them to drink Heineken, a brand first made available in Mexico less than two years ago and only sold in Mexico City.

The previous tagline, “No cabe duda,” or “There’s no doubt about it,” was based on a strategy of promoting Heineken as a special-occasion beer in the Hispanic market.

No media spending numbers were available for Heineken’s Hispanic market advertising, but sources estimate the company will spend up to $15 million this year, including a national buy on Telemundo as well as spot radio, outdoor ads and print starting this summer.

Four spots in the campaign each feature a “professional” beer drinker. One is a skilled dominoes player; another “fishes” a six-pack of Heineken out of a stream during a camping trip; one switches his empty glass for his friend’s full one of Heineken at a bar; another at a party successfully pulls a cold bottle from the bottom of a stack in the refrigerator.

Riancho said a fifth spot featuring the song “La Macarena” from an earlier campaign will also be rotated into this campaign.

The work is scheduled to break on March 16, the client said.

The Vidal Partnership is an independent shop in New York.