Heineken Goes Back to the Future

CHICAGO Heineken USA is positioning its patented five-liter Heineken DraughtKeg as the “futuristic beer delivery system” and the inspiration for a dance score in a new campaign.

Heineken’s DraughtKeg features an integrated pressurized and disposable CO2 system with mini-tap components in a lightweight steel keg for home use.

A 30-second spot, via Berlin Cameron United, New York, that broke on Monday shows an animated female robot demonstrating the new package by pouring a glass of draught beer. A party then starts when the robot morphs into two clones and the threesome dances to an electronic beat while lyrics belt out commands such as “Grip, tap, sip, gush, drip, drain, draught and drink.”

Support includes a microsite via Publicis Modem, Norwalk, Conn., that enables visitors to download the soundtrack and upload photos of themselves and friends onto images of the dancing robots. The online video can be e-mailed. Additional support includes print, radio, out-of-home and event marketing. The mini-keg initiative will run through Labor Day weekend and start again during January. Budget was not disclosed.

“It’s one of the most progressive communication spots we’ve ever done for the brand,” said Andy Glaser, brand director at Heineken USA, White Plains, N.Y. “The challenge we have for DraughtKeg is trying to create a whole new sense of draught drinking and draught consumption. Historically in the marketplace there has only been these gravity kegs out there where you open them and the beer pours out. We needed to bring a whole sense of innovation to the communication to claim this whole new type of draught-dispense system.”

The company will also launch nationally the Heineken Premium Light DraughtKeg, which, like the mini-keg for the full-calorie lager, can keep beer fresh 30 days after tapping. A test is still being done in Rhode Island for the BeerTender, a chrome countertop appliance made by Krups that accommodates and chills the DraughtKeg.