He Can Handle The Truth

Wieden & Kennedy copywriter Jimmy Smith has written award-winning ads for client Nike over the past five years. But he also has a passion for writing fantasy novels.
Due in part to a program adopted by the Portland, Ore.-based shop, Smith can do both jobs. The program supports employees’ extracurricular activities with financial and public relations assistance.
Dark Horse Comics and Wieden & Kennedy Entertainment have published Smith’s graphic novel, The Truth. The comic book-styled work deals with racism in a story that envisions an apocalyptic crisis brought on by worsening race relations in the U.S.
Smith, an African American, said he was motivated by events he has seen in his 37 years–from the Rodney King beating to the Columbine tragedy. “It is my hope that [the book] touches others in a way that contributes to the elimination of racial boundaries and hatred,” he said.
The book is available on the Internet at www.The1Truth.com and will be in retail stores in November.
–Angela Dawson