HBO Big Love “Deck the Compound”

Promoting the Jan. 10 debut of Big Love’s fourth season, HBO gives fans a special holiday album they can download online (“8 compound classics!”) at and music video from none other than “the prophet” (isn’t he supposed to be dead?) and his growing posse of obedient wives. The video is set at the Juniper Creek compound and opens with a greeting from the community leader and prophet Roman Grant, who often enjoyed strumming an acoustic guitar and singing his favorite hymns in between plotting acts of betrayal and revenge. “The wives should be here any moment now,” he says. And sure enough they arrive in a red Hummer decked in holiday garland. His First Wife leads the pack as they tell viewers the prophet “blesses you and sends you a happy new year.” While they share their good cheer, they also explain a bit about themselves, so it’s worth paying attention to the lyrics. “We are not daily beggars here,” sing the wives, whose somber daily-wear has been brightened a bit with holiday aprons. “Have you seen our Hummer flee.” The Henrickson wives, with all their modern conflict, would have, however, made a much more interesting sing-along, especially if the wonderfully naive Margene took the lead on the lyrics. Check out the poor thing’s blog sometime while you wait for season 4. –Eleftheria Parpis