Havas Worldwide Searches Again for a Creative Chief in New York

Darren Moran exits after just a year

Darren Moran's reign atop the New York creative department of Havas Worldwide has ended after just a year, triggering yet another search for a creative chief.

Moran joined the shop as chief creative officer in August 2013, after leading creative staffers at Draftfcb in New York. At the time, Havas Worldwide CEO Andrew Benett cited Moran's maturity, digital smarts and respect within the industry.

Before Draftfcb, Moran had been a creative director at both BBDO and Young & Rubicam, working on brands such as Lowe's, Xerox, LG and MetLife. Havas Worldwide's New York accounts include Reckitt Benckiser, New York Life, Dos Equis, Liberty Mutual and TD Ameritrade. Liberty and TD are new additions, having arrived in the past nine months.

Now, Benett finds himself right back to where he was more than a year ago—searching for a creative partner, either for New York or globally, with the goal of hiring someone by year's end.

In the meantime, Moran's day-to-day responsibilities will be absorbed by key lieutenants in the department, according to an agency representative. (The office employs nine executive creative directors, each of whom works on several brands.) Also, Jason Peterson, the shop's Chicago-based North American CCO, is expected to spend more time in New York to help on select accounts.