Havas-Andersen Has Mercedes As 1 Of 3 Clients

The alliance between Andersen Consulting and Havas Advertising is working for at least three clients in the automotive, food manufacturing and service industries.
Pierre de Perthuis, general director of Machine ˆ Vendre, the Havas unit in the still-unnamed alliance, declined to name the brands. A source, however, said they include Mercedes and Besnier, a dairy product company.
The source added that Besnier was brought in by Andersen, while Mercedes was a shared client of the consulting group and Devarrieuxvillaret, a Havas subsidiary.
It is also believed that Euro RSCG BETC has been involved in the project. Euro RSCG Worldwide is owned by Havas Advertising.
De Perthuis did say the venture is also seeking other accounts from existing clients of the alliance members, including in the automobile category. Among those clients is Peugeot, which is handled by Euro RSCG.
De Perthuis did not explain how an apparent conflict would be avoided.
The venture was created for clients that want integrated services from their suppliers. It offers consulting expertise on relationship marketing, such as in database management, and was considered to be unprecedented in Europe at the time the experiment was unveiled [Adweek, Sept. 26, 1997].
Clients “want to reduce the number of suppliers while nevertheless knowing more about who their customers are,” explained one executive at the time of the launch.
As an example, de Perthuis explained that the Havas-Andersen team had developed a database for the food company client to target “the 20 percent of the customers who bring in 80 percent of the business.”
While the venture was initially slated to focus on business in France, de Perthuis said the alliance had already expanded for its car client into other European countries. He declined to say which ones.
De Perthuis would not detail the joint operation’s financial performance, except to acknowledge it was not yet profitable.

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