For men and women who just can’t bear the thought of hauling out the iron to reduce wrinkles, Lee Co. is introducing a new line of Wrinkle Resistant Casuals.
Using a humorous approach similar to its work for the client’s Lee jeans, Fallon McElligott/Minneapolis created two TV spots that present the wrinkle-resistant pants as the solution to humorous, but unfortunate, situations.
In ‘Ironman’ a man clad in boxer shorts covered with hearts wrestles with an unwieldy retractable ironing board and juggles a steaming iron as he desperately tries to press his trousers. ‘Bride of Ironing’ shows a woman furiously ironing her pants. The resulting steam causes wallpaper to peel, floorboards to warp and her hair to curl wildly. She ends up looking like the bride of Frankenstein.
The spots break on network TV Sept. 8.
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