Hard-core Hoop Dreams for Crispin

Miamians Get to Make a Play for And 1’s Fashionable Gym Rats
ATLANTA–Crispin Porter & Bogusky won its third footwear client in a year, and the second this summer, with the acquisition last week of basketball specialist And 1.
The Miami agency bested Siano Di Leonardo of Philadelphia for the account, with billings estimated in excess of $3 million. The business had been with another Philly shop, The Brownstein Group.
“We wanted a fresh set of minds and eyes on our account,” said client director of advertising Jeffrey Smith. “The people at Crispin were the smartest people in advertising that we had ever met.”
And 1, headquartered in Rosemont, Pa., specializes in basketball shoes and related apparel. Its target audience is males 12-17, though the appeal of the shoes, for some, goes into their 20s. The product is geared toward the serious player with an eye to fashion, or gym rats who want the shoe to perform as well as look good.
“The audience they’re trying to reach is very passionate about basketball,” said agency creative director Alex Bogusky. “There are kids out there who have tattooed the [And 1] logo on their arms. They buy the shoes and wear them until they start to get a little nicked, then they start playing ball in them.”
Unlike other makers’ $150 per pair sneakers, And 1 models cost between $60 and $85. Bogusky said the agency would, in broad strokes, attempt to continue the inroads the client has made with serious players, i.e., those who go through six or seven pairs per year because they spend so much time on the courts.
“We have to connect with this basketball subculture that is out there and begin to do things that let [And 1] own it in a way that is no longer feasible with the big boys,” Bogusky said. “Everything we do is going to be connected to basketball. This is not the Tommy [Hilfiger] or Fubu shoe.”
Bogusky and Smith said part of the ad message would include the company’s professional endorsers, which include Larry Hughes and Raef LaFrentz.
The And 1 win comes weeks after CP&B secured Caterpillar Foot-wear’s account and almost a year after it landed the business of another Wolverine Worldwide brand, Merrell Outdoor Footwear.