Hanes Her Way Takes An Activist Approach

Sara Lee Corp. in Winston-Salem, N.C., this month launched the largest print campaign to date for its Hanes Her Way women’s apparel, the client said.
Longtime Sara Lee roster agency Long Haymes Carr of Winston-Salem developed the effort, a series of full-page ads and four-page magazine inserts. The campaign is running in spring and summer issues of People, Redbook, Cosmopolitan and Mademoiselle, among others.
The ads showcase a variety of Hanes Her Way products, including intimates, women’s and girls’ panties, socks, shorts, casualwear and fitnesswear, plus a new line of sports bras called HaneSport. The message? Hanes Her Way has an array of apparel for a woman’s active lifestyle.
One headline positions the HaneSport collection as “Your everyday, walk the dog, lift weights, flattering, not flattening bras.” A four-page insert taps further into the life of a busy woman. “This is Wendy. Wendy runs. Wendy jumps . . .Wendy collapses,” reads the copy. Another execution targets parents of young girls. Each ad ends with a version of the tagline Long Haymes Carr developed for Hanes men’s apparel: “Just wait’ll we get our Hanes Her Way on you.”
“We’re trying to give [Hanes] a personality rather than just talk about the product,” said Jim White, vice chairman and creative officer of Long Haymes Carr. The shop has created several TV commercials for Hanes Her Way in recent years; more spots are expected to break later in 1998.
The campaign’s budget was not disclosed. Sara Lee devoted $7.1 million to Hanes Her Way advertising in 1997, per Competitive Media Reporting, compared to Fruit of the Loom, which spent $3.1 million on its women’s apparel in 1997.