Hamilton Beach Cleared for Air

Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex launches its first national TV campaign in five years with a spot pushing a new air deodorizer product.

The $15 million campaign from DDB Chicago for the TrueAir deodorizer breaks April 2.

The Richmond, Va., company introduced the deodor-izer to retailers during last week’s International House-wares Show, said Matt Ragland, Hamilton’s group marketing manager. The product employs an inaudible fan and neutralizes odors without scents, Ragland said.

Tagged, “Inhales odors so you don’t have to,” the spot shows a man in a lab coat portraying the creator of TrueAir. He is shown testing TrueAir’s effectiveness on odors, including tobacco smoke, cat litter and fish thrown in the kitchen trash.

The spot reaches its punch line by revealing the doctors profile, previously hidden. “Why was the doctor so obsessed?” a voice over asks. “We may never know,” the voice over continues, as viewers discover the doctor has a W.C. Fields-size nose.

The company, known for its small kitchen, garment care and humidifier appliances, previously employed mainly print executions to market new products, Ragland said.