Half Mast

Thinking about enjoying a few rounds of golf this summer? If so, Korey Kay & Partners would like you to be aware of the people who won’t have that opportunity.

The New York agency today launches a new print ad in the American Cancer Society’s Golf Tournament Journal that urges readers to help in the fight against cancer.

The ad—which also touts the American Cancer Society Invitational Tournament—shows a flag solemnly flying at half mast above a hole on a golf course. The copy: “Remember the 552,200 people who are expected to die of cancer this year. Your contribution can make a difference.”

“It’s finding a way to talk to [readers] on common ground that’s unusual,” said Allen Kay, agency chairman. “And that common ground is the golf course.”

The journal is a commemorative publication for the annual tournament, which is being held today at the Ridgewood Country Club in Paramus, N.J. The American Cancer Society is based in Atlanta.