Driving a bus in Minneapolis/St. Paul, home of six-month-long winters with temperatures that regularly go below zero, may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But according to local shop Periscope, “It could be your calling.”

A new print, TV, radio and outdoor campaign by the Minneapolis agency aims at recruiting drivers for Metro Transit, the 17th-largest transitsystem in the U.S.

In one of two spots, a woman taking a morning jog through an idyllic neighborhood and past a lake runs into a sign. Staring dazedly at it, she realizes it’s for Metro Transit. The ad then fades to the tagline: “It could be your calling.”

Another spot shows a man picking up his kid’s hula hoop and pretending it’s a steering wheel.

“Metro Transit was experiencing a 200-driver deficit in the middle of an expanding system,” explained Lisa McEllistrem, management supervisor at Periscope, about the need for the recruiting effort. Since the campaign broke in local venues late last year, the company has met its weekly hiring goal, she said.

The ads are running through the end of March.