Haggman to Tout Growing Retailer

Former FrameKing Hires North Shore Shop for $5 Mil. Makeover
BOSTON – FrameKing Express is getting a makeover as it plans to open 75 new locations throughout the country.
The picture frame retailer this summer will unveil a new name – Corners Picture Framing Superstore – with a broadcast and print effort from Haggman in Manchester, Mass.
The company, which more than 10 years ago opened the first of its now 30 stores in Framingham, Mass., tapped Haggman for its estimated $5 million ad and public relations account after a review that also included Holland Mark Martin Edmund in Boston and Nova Marketing in Quincy, Mass., according to client president and chief executive officer Jerry Klein.
A print concept presented by Haggman positions the client as a design resource for decorators that “frames your art and your memories.”
Haggman was invited to pitch the business based on a recommendation by Mullen in Wenham, Mass., which Klein originally contacted, he said. Nova Marketing, an 8-year-old retail specialist, entered the review based on a prior relationship with FrameKing co-founder Peter Blumenthal.
Corners next month will break a print and radio campaign in New England, where it has its greatest concentration of stores. Other markets where Corners has “no critical” mass will be solely print. By September, television ads will help position the client as a location for custom framing at lower-than-retail prices.
“Our vision is to be on the corner with Corners,” said Klein. The client plans to renovate its existing stores in New England and California this year while moving into markets such as Chicago, Philadelphia and New York. The goal, according to Klein, is to open 75 stores in the next five years.
The stores, now starkly presented in bold white and red color schemes, are being redone in neutral tones to provide shoppers with a more inviting look and better display areas for its expanded inventory of framing supplies, mats, glass and artwork.
Klein, who joined FrameKing eight months ago, pledges that 5 percent of all sales will be spent on advertising and marketing. “This is one of the few big industries where there is no leader,” he said. With no dominant player, Corners’ most likely competition is the independent framer on Main Street.
FrameKing recently received an infusion of capital from a group of investors that includes Invesco Co. and Catterton-Simon Partners, both in New York. ¡