A Hacker’s Perfect Gig

If the voice heard in TBWA Chiat/Day’s recent batch of TV spots launching Apple Computer’s new iMac computer sounds familiar, it should.
It’s the voice of actor Jeff Goldblum, confirmed a representative for the Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple.
One of the actor’s best-known roles was as the computer whiz in the 1996 sci-fi film Independence Day. In the film, Goldblum plays David Levinson–a computer genius who uses his laptop to plant a computer virus inside alien ships. His technical savvy and calm under pressure allow a heroic U.S. president/fighter pilot to defeat the alien invaders.
TBWA Chiat/Day, Venice, Calif., office, which recently won an Emmy for its first “Think different” spot for Apple, is considering using Goldblum in front of the camera, said sources. (Actor Richard Dreyfuss provided the voiceover in the campaign’s first TV spot.)
Agency and Apple executives declined comment on future ad plans with Goldblum.
–Michael McCarthy