gun safety

Modernista! and Stop Handgun Violence are creating a public safety message that will appear on the country’s largest billboard, in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood.

“Our whole mission … has been to change how kids and criminals gain access to firearms and what can be done about preventing that,” said John Rosenthal, co-founder and chair of the Boston-based organization.

The billboard, which will be unveiled on April 22, shows a dramatic photograph of several boys and the words, “Bullets leave holes.” One boy is repre sented only by his outline. He was 12 when he was killed by someone who had not checked that his gun chamber had been properly emptied. The billboard directs people to

Stop Handgun Violence, a nonprofit organization aiming to increase awareness of the dangers of firearms without banning guns, created the 252-foot-long, 20-foot-tall billboard six years ago. The new execution will likely run for about a year. Boston-based Modernista! fashioned the new work on a pro bono basis.

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