guitar solo

New print ads for upscale guitar maker Taylor Guitars suggest two things about the San Diego company’s founder, Bob Taylor. First, that he’s a hands-on exec who is always pondering ways to improve his guitars. And second, that he has a good sense of humor.

Taylor himself appears in the three ads, created by local agency Vitro Robertson. In one, he sits wide-eyed in a dentist’s chair getting the once-over (by, as it happens, an actual dentist). Along with the photo is the caption: “During the second filing, Bob Taylor realizes that if he sets the angle of the neck a little lower, the string tension would be perfect.”

“We wanted to get across that this is not some rich guy off on an island somewhere count ing his money,” explained account supervisor Teresa Cunningham. “He’s just a regular guy who is always thinking of ways to make a better guitar.”