Guarded opportunity

It’s a time-honored tradition for tourists to attempt to distract the stiff upper-lipped Royal Guards in London, who have gained a measure of fame for their ability to ignore all forms of diversion.

As part of the introduction of the “Whassup” Budweiser campaign into the British Isles, a couple of the characters from the commercials decided to see if they could get a member of the Guard to utter the now-famous catch phrase. With video rolling, they mugged and “Whassuped” in front of the guard for several minutes. Finally, even one of Britain’s finest caved in to the ubiquitous utterance, complete with full tongue wag.

The video was quickly obtained by news outlets, which aired it to the great delight of marketers at the St. Louis brewery.

No word on any reaction by the Guard’s superiors, but suffice it to say he’s probably relieved that the Tower of London is now merely a tourist attraction.