GSH Gives ‘Good Reasons’ to Sip Wine

SAN FRANCISCO Grant, Scott & Hurley’s strategy in its recently launched initial print work for Blackstone Winery is to retain the client’s boutique image and offer consumers a daily reward.

One of the ads shows a bottle of merlot, with a drawing of a woman relaxing on a couch in the lower left corner. Amid plenty of white space, the minimal copy reads, “Directions: Take off shoes. Stare at feet. Wiggle toes. Contemplate. Appreciate. Sip from glass.” The tagline: “For so many good reasons.”

Brian Hurley of the independent San Francisco agency said the creative concept came from a research insight about the consumer of a $10 wine. He said although wine advertising is all about “vineyards and pretty models celebrating something,” most wine drinkers think of wine as a trigger for relaxation—a small reward at the end of the day. “Or, in the words of one research respondent: ‘It’s like a $10 vacation every night,’ ” Hurley said. “So this campaign is all about that little moment of escape.”

The ads have begun running in 55 newspapers as well as April issues of magazines like Bon Appetit, Gourmet and Food & Wine.

GSH won the account in February following a review. The client is expected to increase its annual advertising budget fivefold to an estimated $5 million. That projected 2004 ad push is significant compared to what Blackstone has spent in the past, $38,000 in 2002 and $600,000 through November 2003, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.