GSD&M Shares SBC Words of Wisdom

DALLAS SBC touts its services in a series of spots memorable for their humor and skewed insights into relationships. In “Adventures in Babysitting,” four teen girls see a home being fitted with SBC digital satellite cable.

“I hear they need a babysitter,” one says. But it’s another in the group who takes the initiative, eliminating her competition by shredding one girl’s term paper, giving another a case of poison ivy and leaving the third tied to a tetherball pole. That night, she’s in front of the TV with her babysitting charges as the mother says, “I’m so glad we found you. We had three babysitters cancel.”

In “Language Lessons,” a dad misuses teen-speak with his son. “What’s up fool?” he says to his bewildered offspring. “Chillin’, I see. Look, I don’t want to get all up in your face, but your Mom wants you to square up this joint. Yo!” The kid replies, “You want me to clean up my room?” Dad then returns for more lingo at a teen Web site he found via his SBC Internet hookup.

“Frozen” sees an actor in a live TV show caught in freeze-frame just as a woman tosses water at him. The scene cuts to a living room where a guy returning from the bathroom says to his wife, “Thanks for pausing it.” She clicks the remote and the guy on-screen gets drenched as a voiceover plugs an SBC option that lets viewers pause, rewind and replay live TV.

The ads for the San Antonio-based client are from Omnicom Group’s GSD&M of Austin, Texas.