GSD&M Breaks PGA Tour Spots

Obsession is the rule in GSD&M’s new series of humorous commercials for the PGA Tour.

Four 30-second television spots extend the Austin, Texas, shop’s “These guys are good” campaign. The work is beginning to appear on golf, NFL, NCAA football and basketball broadcasts, and other sports programming on cable and CBS.

Supervised by GSD&M group creative director Tom Gilmore, the campaign pulls up-and-coming golfers off the course and puts them into situations where their fixations are given free rein.

Shot in Denver around the players’ tournament schedule, the nearly silent commercials were directed by the London-based team of Dom Hawley and Nic Goffey.

“The spots are Zen-like,” said agency group creative directorand copywriter Rich Tlapek.

Indeed, in “Shopping Cart,” there’s no ball, club or grass. Pro golfer Sergio Garcia, in a grocery store parking lot, sets up a 30-yard shopping-cart putt. As he contemplates the break, shoppers pause, watching silently. When the cart neatly enters the bin, he receives a polite round of applause.

“This [campaign] is a total misdirect,” said Tlapek. “The spots work best when you don’t know what’s going on.”

In “Gutter,” PGA champion David Toms is not seen until the last frame. Instead, the spot opens on a close-up of a satellite dish being hit by a golf ball. As the ball rattles from gutter to drainpipe, Toms’ wife and son, inside, listen to the racket. Back on the front lawn, the ball comes to rest at the feet of Toms.

“Toms was getting very close on the first takes,” said Gilmore. “He said he could hit it if we used his ball. We did and he nailed it three times.”

In “Lawn Mower,” Brad Faxon, forced inside by rain, cuts a kidney-shaped putting green into his living room rug. The fourth spot, “Manhole,” has Chris Di Marco hitting sand shots.