Grybauskas, CMM Score 2

Two New York shops have recently picked up two new accounts: Grybauskas Beatrice was tapped to handle a campaign promoting tennis, while Christy MacDougall Mitchell has won the ad duties of child care center chain Tutor Time, after a review.
The “Plan for Growth,” a joint project of existing Grybauskas client the United States Tennis Association and the Tennis Industry Association, will be backed by $20 million over five years. The shop will develop family-oriented print and radio ads to break in late April. The campaign, which will tout the fun of tennis rather than competition, is intended to raise the general profile of the game and increase sales of tennis equipment and tickets to events.
The principals feel the win reinforces the agency’s sports experience (the shop also handles the U.S. Open). Roland Grybauskas said: “With a little more awareness, there’s no reason we can’t be talking to really big [sports clients].”
Grybauskas won the account without a review. Warwick Baker O’Neill has handled advertising for TIA since 1995.
Separately, Linda Weissman, co-founder of Tutor Time in Boca Raton, Fla., said Christy MacDougall Mitchell was chosen as the client’s first agency. CMM bested three finalists: Gold Coast Advertising Associates, Miami; Samcor Communications Co., Coral Gables, Fla.; and Warren/Kremer/CMP/Advertising, New York. Billings were undisclosed.