Greyhound Searches

DALLAS Greyhound Lines has launched a review and plans to integrate advertising, public relations and other marketing services at a single shop, the client said.

The Richards Group, a Dallas-based independent that won the account in 2004, is not defending, the agency said.

The names of the participating agencies were not disclosed, but a representative at the client in Dallas said a firm list of contenders has already been determined. A decision is expected early in the first quarter.

Greyhound spent $12 million on advertising in 2005 and $10 million during the first 10 months of this year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

Richards won the account as Greyhound was restructuring its operations system, eliminating scores of smaller towns and cities in favor of a more-expensive “hub-based” route policy.

One outdoor ad from Richards showed the names of two major cities in bold letters with the names of several smaller towns in blurry type as if they were being passed by at high speed.

Though a relatively small ad spender in recent years, Greyhound has generated some well-known campaigns in the past, and its positioning lines like “Go Greyhound” and “Leave the driving to us” have gained nearly iconic status.

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