Grey Unit Wins Majesco, Topps Biz

G Whiz has ended the third quarter with its first two account wins of the year.

Last week, the Grey Global Group company added new clients Majesco, a videogame developer, and the confectionery brands for Topps, best known for its trading cards.

Combined billings for both accounts are estimated at $15 million, the agency said.

The wins followed reviews that involved undisclosed agencies. G Whiz is Edison, N.J.-based Majesco’s first ad agency, while New York-based Topps’ incumbent was The Geppetto Group in New York, which did not participate in the review process.

“These wins are tremendous because we have entertainment in our heritage,” said Barb Martino, president and CEO of New York-based G Whiz. “And these accounts represent solid gains in the teen and kids’ sector. We’re balancing the agency roster.”

Martino was referring to G Whiz’s launch as a kids’ advertising and marketing boutique in 1999 and its merger in February 2000 with sister shop Grey Entertainment. The focus tipped more to enter tainment for the past two years with clients such as W Hotels, War ner Bros., the Food Network and the National Hockey League.

Majesco is a good replacement for the agen cy’s lost Konami games account, Martino said.

The 50-person agency will break a new TV campaign for Topps’ Baby Bottle Tops candy this month, with other work rolling out later in the year for Bazooka bubble gum and Push Pops.