Green Team’s ‘Squares’ Are Tartan

NEW YORK What do Whoopi Goldberg and 13th century Scottish patriot William Wallace have in common?

Not much, unless you’re a fan of Hollywood Squares. The TV game show recently inspired a send-up, “Highland Squares,” courtesy of Green Team Advertising. The New York shop developed the game for, the official Web site of Scotland’s National Tourism Board, and to promote the country in a string of performances, demonstrations and educational programs at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.

“Highland Squares” challenges the Smithsonian crowd with a pop-culture quiz. Brian Hurewitz, senior art director at Green Team, said he hopes the game, through the voices of Scottish personalities, will inform the public and interest them in traveling to Scotland.

Visitors to the site challenge Wallace, Mary Queen of Scots, Sean Connery, the Loch Ness monster and other Scots to a trivia game about the country. Each square asks a question, some as simple as “What is the name of the traditional attire worn by men in Scotland?” Answer: the kilt. Other queries are as difficult as “What is the name of the most famous highland prophet in Scotland?” Answer: Brahan Seer. The more questions players answer correctly, the greater their odds are of winning a vacation sweepstakes, a five-night stay for two in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland.

Promotions for “Highland Squares” will occur during the June 25-29 Folklife Festival, Hurewitz said. An outdoor campaign, a double-decker bus wrap and 300,000 cooling fans bearing Scottish trivia are some of the media components that will be seen around Washington’s National Mall to call attention to the Web site and online game.

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