Lindsey S. Myers

Circle One Catches Birds Eye

NEW YORK Birds Eye Foods has awarded its $10 million dry grocery division account to Circle One Marketing, the agency said today.The Norwalk, Conn.-shop bested four undisclosed agencies in a […]

Fresh Flashbacks Mark Tropicana’s 50th

NEW YORK Tropicana yesterday began its search for a real-life Tropic-Ana, the grass-skirted brand icon not used in Pure Premium advertising or packaging since the 1970s.Fifty girls between 5- and […]

AR Media Restyles Blass for Fall

NEW YORK The June hiring of aR Media means big changes for Bill Blass Limited’s fall 2003 print campaign.The New York’s shop first work for the 30-year-old fashion design house […]

Smash Mouth’s Harwell Lends Voice to ‘Got Milk?’ Spot

NEW YORK “Mother knows best” is a saying that rings true with many, and a reminder can be found in a new “Got Milk?” radio spot featuring pop star Steve […]

Buzz Grey Has Panasonic ‘Save the Day’

NEW YORK In collaboration with Paramount Pictures and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Panasonic has launched a national campaign to promote its e-wear SD AV unit that […]

New York Cops Nix Tix Press

NEW YORK The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association here has launched a “Don’t blame the cop” campaign that aims to repair the police’s public image, tarnished in recent weeks by unusual ticketing […]

McKinney Creates Audi Trading Cards

NEW YORK Foregoing traditional print advertising to celebrate not only the uniqueness of Audi cars but also the 2003 race season, McKinney + Silver teamed up with the automaker to […]

BET: We’re No. 1 Awards Show

NEW YORK BET’s off-channel marketing and creative services teams have developed a “No expense spared … except for the advertising” theme to promote the company’s third annual BET Awards. The […]

Cannes Festival Forms Lions Academy

NEW YORK The Cannes International Advertising Festival has established an annual Lions Academy as part of its 50th anniversary celebration. Twenty to 30 students ages 18-23 will be selected to […]

Green Team’s ‘Squares’ Are Tartan

NEW YORK What do Whoopi Goldberg and 13th century Scottish patriot William Wallace have in common? Not much, unless you’re a fan of Hollywood Squares. The TV game show recently […]