New York Cops Nix Tix Press

NEW YORK The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association here has launched a “Don’t blame the cop” campaign that aims to repair the police’s public image, tarnished in recent weeks by unusual ticketing practices that were reported in the local press.

Ticketing by New York police attracted the attention of metropolitan-area newspapers when a Bronx man was cited for sitting on a milk crate. Shortly thereafter, a pregnant woman was ticketed for sitting on subway stairs. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has denied the existence of the so-called “ticket blitz,” saying that fewer summonses have been issued this year than in years past.

But New York tabloids have seized on the public complaints and the PBA responded by producing a campaign, which ran on news and public affairs radio stations in New York from May 19-25. The radio spot featured PBA President Patrick J. Lynch reminding New York citizens that police officers risk their lives everyday to protect citizens from terrorism. Full-page print ads appeared May 27-30 in The Chief, Newsday, the New York Daily News and the New York Post.

Joseph Mancini, in charge of media relations for the PBA, said the group spent $91,698 on the newspaper campaign and $176,618 on the radio spots. “Our target is the public and the opinion makers and the police officers,” Mancini said. “We want to demonstrate to [police officers] that we’re speaking for them.”