Grapefruit’s in Fashion as ‘Sass in a Glass’

DALLAS The Richards Group launches an image campaign Monday for the Florida Department of Citrus that promotes grapefruit juice as “sass in a glass” and targets health-conscious women between the ages of 25-49.

Although the Dallas-based agency has held the client’s account since 1996, it has primarily focused its efforts on promoting orange juice consumption. Richards received the grapefruit juice assignment last year, and the new effort marks a continuation of a print campaign that was launched last year.

The latest “multi-million” dollar effort will continue to focus on the taste and essence of grapefruit juice, and will position the drink as a “bold, confident and sassy beverage,” according to shop principal Dick Murray.

Murray said the biggest strategic and creative challenge is just trying to revitalize the grapefruit business. “Grapefruit juice hasn’t been supported for a number of years,” he said. “So many people view it as a drink for older people, but we’re trying to remind people that it has a unique and distinct taste that everyone can enjoy.”

Targeting chic, health-conscious young women, two 15-second television spots show that drinking grapefruit juice is not only good for you, but also fashionable.

One spot opens with a young businesswoman taking a sip of grapefruit juice. As she swirls it around her mouth, she’s suddenly motivated to do a karate-style kick. As she spins around, the heel of her pump selects the elevator button. As she walks into the elevator, a co-worker stares at her in disbelief. A voiceover finishes the spot with the tagline, “Grapefruit juice. Sass in a glass.”

The other spot opens with a woman and a man lying out in the sun. As the woman takes a sip of grapefruit juice, she begins to apply sunscreen to her boyfriend’s back. In the next shot, we see the man and woman walking away with their backs to the camera. The man’s back is tanned except for the areas where the woman wrote, “Lucky Me” and an arrow pointing to her. The ad finishes with the same tag.

Both spots will air on network and cable outlets, including BBC America, Style and VH1. The campaign, which will run until June, includes radio and print, which features grapefruit juice scented strips. The ads will appear in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Entertainment Weekly, InStyle, People, Self and Vogue.