the grady smart

the grady smart shirt

Given the task of creating a fashion product, students from Atlanta’s Grady High School went the high-tech route. Their running jacket has a built-in cardio-measurement device.

To learn what goes into crafting a good ad, the 10-student team met WestWayne’s chief creative officer, Luke Sullivan, at the agency’s Atlanta offices to brainstorm ideas for their new brand, the Grady Smart Shirt.

Among the headlines that were considered: “For the long run,” “Don’t get run over by the competition” and “Why stay on track when you can go for the long run?”

The group finally settled on, “Now you actually can wear your heart on your sleeve,” to go alongside a stock photograph of a jogger on a trail.

Another execution shows an image of a man towing a heart-monitor cart. The headline on that effort is, “Just as efficient, but a lot better looking.”

“I never knew a computer could do so much with a picture and become something totally different,” says student Christy Adams. “I enjoyed this experience.”

“The students loved the work and the professional interface,” adds teacher John Brandhorst. “Nothing like a taste of the real world.”