Goodwill Hunting Sales

You’re a retailer with racks upon racks of apparel that you need to move, so you develop advertising to encourage repeat visits by customers.
That’s how Nordstrom and Dayton-Hudson approach marketing, and now Goodwill Industries is taking a similar course.
Two 30-second TV spots from Indianapolis agency Young & Laramore position Goodwill as a retailer rather than a charitable purveyor of second-hand merchandise.
In one spot, housewives emerge from their neat suburban homes as a Goodwill truck comes down the street. The driver apologetically tells the disappointed throng, “I can’t sell off the truck.” Superimposed copy explains, “We have many convenient locations. Just not this convenient.”
A second spot emphasizes that Goodwill stores add an average of 1,200 new items daily.
Both commercials close with the tagline, “Good clothes. Good prices. Good idea.” They broke this month in Indiana and will roll out to seven additional states. –Scott Hume