Goodson Forecasts Future Shock

NEW YORK Scott Goodson, CEO and co-founder of independent StrawberryFrog, today outlined his vision of the future of advertising: agencies outsource their executions and make all their money from ideas that are turned into revenue streams.

His remarks were the keynote address at the Future Marketing Summit here. Adweek is one of the sponsors of the two-day event.

He outlined a new agency model that would be composed of new ideas culture, values and talent.

“We’ve turned the focus away from ideas to the executions. In that regard, we’re suppliers. In the future those suppliers will be valued less and less,” he said.

His suggestion is to outsource executions. “I don’t mean giving up responsibility for executions,” he said.

Goodson said that outsourcing execution was a basic value in the company’s Amsterdam, the Netherlands, office. “Not every client is ready for this. It takes a creative CMO,” he said.

He cited examples of Web sites that are already providing agency services such as, where registered creatives can buy ideas from around the world, and a similar site called

Ultimately, Goodson said, he saw a world where the idea of user-generated content was taken one step further to user-generated products.

StrawberryFrog is currently running a promotion for Microsoft’s Office Accounting software in which people submit their ideas for a small business to a Web site, The winning concept will be given retail space for a year.