Goodby, Pony Don’t Take Sports Seriously

NEW YORK Three new print ads for Pony by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners depict portraits of untraditional mom, dad and baby and seek to differentiate the brand from competitors Nike and Adidas with an irreverent take on athletics.

In one of the ads, created by the team of Fred Raillard and Farid Mokart, known as Fred & Farid, a male in running shorts and shirt lights a cigarette with an Olympic-style torch. A second ad shows a pregnant woman in boxing gear, while the third shows the face of a baby with multiple piercings. There is no tagline, just the Pony logo.

“Basically, we have a feeling there’s a place for a brand which could take sports in a funny way,” said the pair who speak as a duo. “The guy with the torch is the best symbol for what this brand could become in the future. He’s a runner and he’s sweating, but when you look at this ad, it’s something neither Nike nor Adidas could do.”

A previous round of print ads in the San Francisco shop’s campaign, for which Rich Silverstein serves as creative director, broke in February magazines and featured images like a big toe sporting a condom and a baby in a diaper with the word “Mom” tattooed on his belly.

“For the first step we wanted to say to people, ‘Hey look, something is happening’ and get the attention of people in a very crowded market,” the pair said. The second round of ads was created to position the brand “a little bit more precisely” as a brand that treats sports irreverently, they added.

The ads will run in 120 countries beginning at the end of the month. Campaign spending is undisclosed.